In search for Identity and Meaning

When I first designed the picture above, I noted that our intellectual life takes place in a network involving multiple intelligences (human beings in physical and non-physical forms) in vibrational resonance. I talked about the importance and necessity of engagement and collaboration in multiple levels of relationships, starting with ourselves and progressively evolving from there to a point where we are adequately apt to exercise influence over the societal level. The picture is somewhat simple and I thought I had taken as much value out of it as I could. I was so wrong!  The more I think about my life and my relationships, the more I come back to this picture. So, let’s continue to explore it talking about psychic self-defense and self-discovery from a different angle. If you’re interested in my previous post using the picture above, follow this link: Psychic Self-Defense in Multiple Relationship Domains.

We should start by defining three types of relationships widely observed throughout nature, but focusing on their configuration among human intelligences in physical and non-physical forms.

  • Symbiosis is the process in which two or more intelligences participate on an exchange of energies in an inter-related system which depends on this exchange to maintain its balance. One feeds the other. One sustains, protects and/or supplies the needs of the other. This sustained energy exchange is necessary for the equilibrium of the system and typically beneficial (or at least neutral) to the parties involved.
  • Parasitosis is a process involving two or more intelligences where energy flows on a unidirectional fashion; in other words, theft of energy takes place. The system is structured to selfishly cater and fulfill to the parasite’s needs at the host’s expense, but without exhausting it. The parasite sees the host as a supplier that should be kept as to continually meet its needs.
  • Vampirism is also a process involving two or more intelligences where energy flows on a unidirectional fashion, but it differs from Parasitosis in regards to the intensity and cruelty of the process. The vampire does not care for the continuality of the system or its host (victim). It steals and sucks up all it can even if it means the complete destruction of its energy source; searching for a new source when the one on hand no longer serves it. The vampire’s exploitation is typically conscious, sometimes semiconscious, and rarely unconscious – depending on the degree of awareness of the act practiced.

Now, let’s reflect… Who are we in our relationships… a symbiont, parasite or vampire? What is the nature and quality of the energy we give and receive? Do we know what each of our relationships want and/or expect from us? Do we know what we want and/or expect from each relationship? Each relationship is a system which can be analyzed according to the categories above. If you profit from exploiting physical, mental or emotional resources with little regard to the needs of future generations or the health of their source, to what extent you could be considered a parasite or vampire? If you are in a love relationship where you exploit and benefit from the financial, influential or even sexual attributes of your “host” (or should we use the word victim?) with little regard to the emotions and integrity of those involved, to what extent can you be considered a parasite or vampire? Are you the boss who wants to take all the “productivity” out of your employees without caring for their health or life-balance? Many times in our relationships with the planet, loved ones, friends, business acquaintances, etc. we think of our needs and forget about those of others. We excel in claiming our rights, but often fail to recognize our responsibilities, frequently falling into victim behavior. We ask, demand, and complain without considering what we have to offer (or what we should offer) in return. And then comes the question… to what extent and in which relationships you fall into those patterns? Don’t simply dismiss the ideas here just because they are quite different than anything else you might have read or believe to be spiritual. Give it some thought!! Think about how would be the world if we were better symbionts. Would we have a more equitable society? Would we love and respect each other to a larger degree? If we want to be the change we want to see and if everything is energy, then I think the reflections above may not be too crazy after all!! Finish pondering about those points considering which companies you attract with the behavior that you display. Would those companies influence you to the extent you could be even more selfish and careless, perhaps even pushing out the people that love you and care about you?

It is critical we assess our relationships to understand where we might be less ethical than desirable and where we might have energy drains (for being the host of a parasite or vampire). Money, food, physical resources, feelings, etc. are simply different forms of energy. Are you offering the right form of energy (from an ethical standpoint) for each relationship you maintain? Are you listening to the needs of others and assessing their reasonableness from the standpoint of ethics and sustainability? We can only change selfish patterns of behavior when we learn to recognize them and have the courage and willingness to change. Our planet is in a progressive process of transformation and, although some people might expect great movements of change, it will most likely be through small and personal movements from all of us that those larger changes will take place. Progress does not happen by accident! Awareness cannot be achieved without critical reasoning and detachment. Are you aware of your patterns and are you a force for progress?

Now, let’s take a different twist and discuss self-discovery. If our intellectual life takes place in a network involving multiple intelligences, then we think and feel in network, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. So, from those thoughts and emotions in your energy-field (or your aura, or similar concept), which of them are only yours? When we think and feel, we make connections. We attract intelligences that think and feel similarly. Their influence can be good or bad, but at this point that’s now what I’d like to cover. Rather, I find worthwhile to ask: In the midst of this network of thoughts and feelings, who am I? What is my identity, free from any external interference?

Here are some of my own thoughts on this – and that naturally include some of my own beliefs (you might have others, but I hope that by sharing this I may inspire at least someone else). I believe we come to this physical life with a general plan in place. A plan that takes into consideration our particular evolutionary context and intelligently establishes adequate next steps for our learning path. It is not fate since we can choose to follow it or completely ignore it and diverge from it. We always have freedom of choice. But, who among ourselves know what is here for? The first thing we lose is our spiritual identity. We tend to lose ourselves in our personality, as I noted in this post: Who do you think you are?

I consider that our loss of identity and purpose may be directly related to the emptiness of our society. It may also have something to do with the shallow and at times foolish spiritual practices that are commonplace these days; practices that are nothing but a disguised worship to consumerism and materialism. For instance, are people really up to “manifesting” whatever they’d like – and in general this means a very expensive house and a lot of money for other expensive things?  Only those who do not know themselves dedicate energy to such! I believe our physical experience has very concrete goals that were co-defined by us before coming to this present incarnation. Our role is to find ourselves (our identity) and, in this process, realign ourselves with those goals. This is about the only way we can be in connection with our greater self. This is perhaps the only way we can find meaning and happiness – and, why not, health! So, pay attention to who you are. Find your identity and in this process, learn about the opportunities that naturally comes your way and make you happy. Find the life that matches your identity. Live the life of your soul.

I hope you have enjoyed those reflections and have been able to take something from it, even if not in full agreement with the ideas herein. Peace, love and justice to all!

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