Inner light to a brighter future

Spend a few minutes writing down at least five things you want to accomplish in this lifetime. What do you want your life to be? What do you want from life? What do you want? Read the next paragraph only after your list is complete.

After compiling this short list of what you want, answer to yourself why do you want what you want? What is the benefit or utility of what you want?  Which inner factors, what aspects of yourself make you want what you want? Now you’ll find your real self unprotected from your ego, your soul is then naked and you can better understand which aspects of yourself motivated you to want what you wrote you want. Do you see shades of selfishness or altruism? Arrogance or humbleness? Do you find yourself more materialistic than you expected? Fearful or Brave? Make a honest journey deep within yourself while answering why you want what you want. Are your desires in alignment with your everyday speech? Do they reflect the changes you wish to see in the world? At this point, you might be tempted to reformulate your list, and you can do that, but before doing so, make two more lists: one with the internal shadows you found within yourself and another one with the aspects of light you identified.

Now, assuming you achieved a final version to your wish list, it’s time to go even deeper. What prevents you from accomplishing what you want to accomplish? Chances are you have some limiting beliefs, which can be reformulated. But, with the due respect to the work and effort it involves, it is still the easy part. This is because beyond those limiting beliefs, you will most likely find (again) some of your shadows, aspects of yourself you realize need to be changed but that at the present time are part of who you are. Perhaps those are traits or characteristics you are ashamed of and chose to avoid or negate. Perhaps you can no longer fully love yourself when facing those aspects. But here you are, alone with yourself and you know they are also part of who you are. Chances are that few times in your life you have been more honest and straightforward with yourself. It’s ok… there is no problem in admitting you are not perfect yet. You can free yourself from the burden and illusion of perfection. You are not perfect, but perfectible. There is no need to be perfect, but perhaps you should think about loving yourself no matter how much darkness you can find within your own being. Love your light and your shadows, because they are both part of who you are. You cannot fully love yourself if not taking your whole being into perspective, otherwise you simply love some selective aspects of yourself, but not your complete being. Moreover, those other aspects you hide, negate or ignore might be constantly boycotting your relationships and your happiness. Love yourself as a divine creature in the path to perfection. No one (but perhaps it’s a false belief you told yourself) need you to be perfect at this very moment. You have time to get there and it will take many other physical lives. The important is to be working on it; make progress, and this cannot be done if you don’t know what to work on.

When all of us improve internally, then we will naturally be more generous, honest, altruistic, sensible and understanding. Our spiritual values will further outshine our materialistic desires and of course, from this our collective inner transformation, social norms, policies and laws will be reformulated, institutions repurposed and better intended, a more ethical, sustainable and humane society will naturally be forged. Relationships will be more fulfilling, peace and charity will be practiced in greater extent and the world that all peoples of good dream to live on will be a reality. This external reality is therefore a collective reflection of our inner selves, our inner realities. It is then changing our inner world that we begin to change the external world. If you want to contribute to a better world, then start by reforming your inner world. Face it as your contribution to a better tomorrow, because as a wise man said before, “it is giving that we receive”.

So now, it is time to ask again… What do you want your life to be? What do you want from life? What do you want and why do you want it? Is this plan made to cater to the reality of your spirit, living a multitude of lives, or simply to please your present existence? What do you need to work on today to be better tomorrow? What contribution are you giving to this planet assuming you are coming back to it in some decades or perhaps hundreds of years?

Peace, light and justice to all!

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