After all, what does it mean to be a “Scientist”?

Who am I? Where do I come from? What am I doing here? Where will I go after? For centuries we have asked such questions and never fully answered them. Science and religion/spirituality are both trying to answer them and it is clear now that both are required so we continue to make progress on the understanding of consciousness and the cosmos, unquestionably necessary to ultimately answer the questions noted above. In this text, I’ll focus on Science.

Science can be defined as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and laws of nature and its inhabitants through observation and experiment”. Considering that As such, scientists (including those on parapsychological and metaphysical fields) must define and employ a rational and systematic method of study; otherwise their work cannot be considered science. The method of study must naturally be applicable and adapted to the object of study, including the dimension and nature of this object of study. This means, phenomena taking place in the ethereal, astral and mental dimensions will naturally require different method of studies as compared to those taking place in the physical one. Yet, they have their own physics, they are natural and can be systematically studied.

For instance, Allan Kardec has designed a method to study spirit communications and employed it to establish the basic elements of the Spiritist Science in the 1800s. The method can be summarized as:

  1. Selection of unsuspecting medium collaborators, both from a moral standpoint, and from the purity of faculties and spiritual assistance.
  2. Control of communicating Spirits, through the coherence of their communications and the content of their language.
  3. A rigorous analysis of the communications, from the logical point of view, as well as their confrontation with demonstrated scientific truths, putting aside all that cannot be logically justified.
  4. Universal consensus, that is, concordance of the various communications, given by different mediums, at the same time and in several places, on the same subject.


Science then, does not need to be positivistic, but simply to meet the basic criteria of having a rational and systematic method of study adequate for the object of study. In fact, the materialist science is about to end due to the lack of matter!!! Matter is made of atoms, which are composed by a large eletrosphere and a nucleus. Most of the mass in every atom is in their nucleus, which occupy a minor portion of the entire atom’s volume. So, everything we interact with in the entire course of our lives, including our own physical bodies, is composed of atoms that are mostly “empty”. But we can go even deeper. What’s inside the nucleus? Protons and neutrons which can be further broken down into even smaller particles, known as quarks. And what’s a quark made of? Well, now we are really stretching our current scientific knowledge, but one of the most prominent theories proposes it is composed of energetic strings, or energy in a condensed state, vibrating on very particular ways. This is not a result of conjuring, but scientific discoveries made in the most sophisticated laboratories on Earth and by some of the most qualified scientists of our recent history.

Now stop and carefully think about this. Everything you see and touch is composed of energy in condensed state. Your physical body is composed of energy in condensed state. It is very tangible to you but, at the same time, it is simply composed of energy which, we can convene, is something quite impalpable. So let me repeat… materialism will end by lack of matter!!! (as noted by a spiritual communication from 1954 and nowadays becoming clearer day after day). The difference between all physical phenomena and non-physical ones, both natural, is simply the vibrational quantum state of the energy. Some of the research further backing up this statement can be obtained through books such as Vibrational Medicine; by Richard Grber, M.D..

“[…] Chemists and physicists, geometers and mathematicians, raised as researchers of the truth, are today, without desiring it, priests of the Spirit. This is because, as a consequence of their dedicated studies, materialism and atheism will be compelled to disappear for lack of matter, the basis that guaranteed their negativistic speculations. The future belongs to the spirit! […]”.

Source: Francisco Xavier, by spirit Emmanuel. “In the Domains of the Mediumship” – October 3, 1954.

So, now, let’s explore the scientific method, or what it should compose, in some more detail.


 As depicted above, hypothesis testing is an important tool of modern scientific study. This method is quite simple: an experiment is typically designed with the intent to reject a test hypothesis. When hypotheses cannot be rejected my multiple experiments performed by several scientists in multiple different places (maybe even different fields) and over a fair amount of time, it is elevated to the status of “Theory” and later on, based on the level of confidence on its reliability to explain natural phenomena, the Theory is then elevated further to the status of “Law” or “Natural Law”. But, strictly speaking, experiments do not confirm whether a test hypothesis is true or not; they simply indicates if the test hypothesis can be rejected or not. So, in a way, much of our scientific progress depend on formulating explanations for our observations, proving them wrong and then changing them over and over until we can’t disprove them anymore. That’s many times what we call “truth” and that’s why many “scientific truths” of today won’t be valid 100 years from now, as many such “truths” of 100 years ago have been proved wrong over the last century. What we consider to be “right” is simply what we could not prove to be “wrong”. So, and this is the key point to be considered, why can’t we do the same with parapsychological and metaphysical sciences?

Every effect has a cause. This is a basic rule of every scientific field. Now, when have we determined that all effects must have a physical cause or that science must be materialistic? Ruling out all non-physical effects as supernatural and explaining them as a delusion or hoax simply can’t constitute good reasoning or good science. After all, have this materialistic science proved, without reasonable doubt, the boundaries of natural phenomena? Phenomena such as psychokinesis, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, etc. can and should be studied as a science; they simply require alternative methodologies. Spirituality without science easily falls into mysticism, dogmatism and the realm of dogmatic personal opinions (sometimes made mainstream). If the future belongs to the spirit, then that spirit must be rational and methodic! So, now comes some final questions… are you a Scientist or a mystic? How do you validate your assumptions? How do you know what you know?

Related Material: Ten Dogmas of Science by Rupert Sheldrake

  1. Everything is mechanical; only mechanistic explanations will do.
  2. Matter is unconscious / inanimate.
  3. The matter and energy of the universe is constant, and has remained constant since the Big Bang.
  4. The laws of nature are fixed.
  5. Nature is without inherent purpose, and evolution has no goal.
  6. Biological inheritance is a purely material process.
  7. Minds are located within heads, and are nothing but the activities of brains.
  8. Memories are stored in the brain, and are wiped out at death.
  9. Telepathy and other psychic phenomena are illusory.
  10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that works.

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