Is there DOGMA in Science?

We know of religious dogma, but is there dogma also in science? Rather than discoursing about the topic, we'll share a banned TED Talk by Rupert Sheldrake (click on image below) where he approaches this topic. You can draw your own conclusions. According to Sheldrake, the 10 Dogmas of Science are: Everything is mechanical; only mechanistic … Continue reading Is there DOGMA in Science?

What is Spiritism?

Spiritism as defined by Allan Kardec is truly a remarkable science able to aid the serious student on holistic and spiritualist disciplines to sort out opinions from facts and challenge dogma, blind faith, mysticism and taboos. Kardec was a remarkable scientist who conducted his studies of spiritual phenomena with rare lucidity, open mind and rationality. His studies have a strong influence to me and that's why I decided to put out my own short version of  "What is Spiritism", highlighting a few points that is often missed. I hope you like it!

Psychic Self-Defense in Multiple Relationship Domains

Important preliminary point: Our intellectual life (mind and expression) takes place in a network that involves multiple intelligences (human being in physical and non-physical forms) in vibrational resonance. We are constantly surrounded and interacting with other intelligences that harmonize with us at some level. They are drawn to us due to common interests, desires, experiences, … Continue reading Psychic Self-Defense in Multiple Relationship Domains