A Proposal for Spiritists Within and Outside Brazil

First of all, let me note that in this text I am presenting my personal perspective on Spiritism. Let me also note that this text is addressed to people of all nationalities, although primarily focused on the American public with which I have more direct contact. With these two basic parameters clarified, let me then mention that I consider myself an areligious free-thinker. The practice of rational spirituality based on Christ’s moral values (which are not religious values) and a lucid and disciplined sense of scientific exploration interests me more than the blind adherence to dogmas. It was and still is in this framework that Spiritism presents itself as a divine gift, allowing me to be a scientist of the spirit and understand my place in the universe. By pulling out the roots of materialism, mysticism and dogmatism out of the knowledge once restricted to religions, it creates the base that every spiritualist should know for further exploration. The spirits have multiple times over the centuries told us that knowledge is spread all over the Earth and continue to encourage us to study. It is thus my understanding that by studying this knowledge that has been sowed throughout all lands and cultures we demonstrate our fraternity, lucidity and freedom. It is by advancing the science of the visible and invisible that we honor the legacy of Allan Kardec. It is only when collaboration among all peoples takes place that Spiritism will have fulfilled its mission; uniting us all through true Christian values (and here, I am not talking about adoration of Christ, but the practice of the ethical values he taught and practiced).

In our present state of spiritual and moral development, it is not reasonable we expect to have final answers to complex questions. This also applies to Spiritism. As multiple other Sciences, Spiritism isn’t the end, but only a mean of exploration of our internal and external worlds. Spiritists around the world, then, should not focus only in learning its present Brazilian version – which, by the way, is quite different than the original Spiritism developed in France by Allan Kardec (if you can’t tell the differences, you must study more!). Spiritists around the world then should learn the Spiritist Method, its basic concepts and rationale and use this knowledge to explore new niches of wisdom still untouched. How much has the Spirit of Truth and a multitude of other evolved spirits sowed in your own culture? Did good spirits only inspire Spiritist mediums, scientists, writers, etc.? We need to think Spiritism not as a painting on the wall, showing only one image, created decades or centuries ago, and that now requires constant restoration to continue to show some of its original splendor. No, we need to think Spiritism as a window that allows us to explore the entire cosmos.

So, can we study the works of Edgar Cayce or Barbara Ann Brennan in light of Spiritism? How about Arthur Conan Doyle, William Denton, William Walker Atkinson, Charles Leadbeater, Karl Popper, Rupert Sheldrake, Amit Goswami, and so many others. I have to be very honest at this point. So many Spiritists in the U.S., where I presently live, wish more Spiritist books originally written in Portuguese were translated to English. This is fair and understandable, however, how many American Spiritists (again, arguments and ideas here presented can be extended to all nationalities) have read and understood the basic books of Allan Kardec, all already translated to English? How many have read and understood the books from Chico Xavier dictated by André Luiz, also to the most part already available in English? Just those books are sufficient to provide a solid Spiritist foundation and provide the appropriate tools for further exploration. Then, why shouldn’t Spiritists study the spirit communications, ideas and research developed in their land not necessarily under a Spiritist perspective? Who are the scientists the spirits are inspiring nowadays? Where are them and what is their science? Listen, my friends, Spiritism is not a painting to hang on the wall, but window to explore the universe!

Do you happen to know the work of Edith Fiore, an American psychologist who emphasizes the importance of the aura to good health? She notes that the aura is for the emotional, mental and spiritual dimension of an individual just as the immunologic system is for the physical body. Isn’t it intriguing? So, what led her to arrive at those conclusions? How does this fit with the current Spiritist knowledge? Yes, you have much to learn with Brazilians, but you also have much to teach. In fact, so does the rest of this planet. If Brazil has the potential to be the heart of the world, what is the heart without a brain? More or less the same as a brain without heart, as both would be limited and impaired – therefore the need (and beauty) for collaboration.

To conclude, let me note that the Spiritist method is discussed here (https://oregonspiritistsociety.com/2017/06/10/spiritist-method/) and propose that more Spiritists dedicate their time to make sound analysis of relevant authors, thinkers and researchers in light of Spiritism. What is the objective support of their theories? If correct, what would be the consequences of such ideas to Spiritism? Could and should Spiritist groups work in partnership with research centers? How can we recover the Science that once was the cornerstone of Spiritism? We need scientists of the cosmos (internal and external)! To what extent can you say you contribute to this work?

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Love, peace and light to all!

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