POINT #1: Nothing is supernatural. We simply haven’t grasped the universe in all of its perfection.

Who am I? Where do I come from? What am I doing here? Where will I go after? For centuries people have asked such questions which have never been fully answered. In fact, a good deal of people get busy with something else (supposedly more important) and give up trying to answer them or assume there just isn’t an answer. Others take pre-fabricated answers hinged on faith and dogmatism, often in contradiction to their own inner thoughts, intuition or logical reasoning. Only a few truly attempt to honestly answer those questions, trying to make sense of things through a rational and balanced analysis of what they know and what they feel based on their own experience as well as those of others. The fact is that we talk very little about those questions although they are (or should be) the foundation of everything. In a way, how can we discuss spirituality without an even basic understanding of our origin, our purpose, our destiny? How can we have a fulfilling life if in the very deep we are uncertain of what are we trying to accomplish? This text is the first of a series of texts that will address those questions and topics. They don’t have the pretension to carry all the right answers, but do attempt to address those questions from a spiritual, although down to earth perspective. In fact, one of my purposes while writing those texts is to deconstruct the idea that spirituality and reality are separate things. As we should expect, if science and spirituality are both real, they should complement and agree with each other, otherwise we have got something wrong somewhere, right?

                Science has already proved that matter and energy are related, in fact the equation E=mc2 is nowadays one of the most popularized equations of physics. But let’s explore this relationship a bit more. Matter is made of atoms, which are composed by a large eletrosphere and a nucleus. Most of the mass in every atom is in their nucleus, which occupy a minor portion of the entire atom’s volume. So, everything we interact with in the entire course of our lives, including our own physical bodies, is composed of atoms that are mostly “empty”. But we can go even deeper. What’s inside the nucleus? Protons and neutrons which can be further broken down into even smaller particles, known as quarks. And what’s a quark made of? Well, now we are really stretching our current scientific knowledge, but one of the most prominent theories proposes it is composed of energetic strings vibrating on very particular ways. In a way, it makes sense and agrees with the concept that matter and energy are related. So, when I think of what matter really is, I think about those energetic strings vibrating in every atom, holding the atom together and creating electromagnetic charges that makes atoms attract each other. When I think of what matter really is, I think of energy in a condensed state, which implies that my physical body is also composed of condensed energy.

Now stop and carefully think about this. Everything you see and touch is composed of energy in condensed state. Your physical body is composed of energy in condensed state. It is very tangible to you but, at the same time, it is simply composed of energy which, we can convene, is something generally impalpable. This seemingly contradiction holds what I believe to be an important lesson on spirituality: the difference between all physical natural phenomena and non-physical ones is simply on the vibrational quantum state of the energy. So, any physical natural phenomenon is simply a subgroup of all natural phenomena. Just because something does not express itself on a way we can perceive with our physical body (composed of what for the absence of technical vocabulary I call condensed energy) and current scientific apparatus, does not mean it isn’t real or non-natural. But wait, explain this better, you might say. What do you mean by “vibrational quantum state”? Think about those strings vibrating on a specific rate. All strings vibrating on the same rate would constitute matter as we know it. But wouldn’t there be the possibility for other vibrational rates? So, what if anything vibrating at a different rate constituted matter of a different nature than that we call matter? In this case, we wouldn’t be able to see it, touch it or interact with it by any other physical means. This is what I mean by different quantum states… we need to open our minds for the possibility of matter existing in forms we can’t readily perceive. And in this case, couldn’t the spiritual dimension simply be formed by this matter vibrating in a different quantum state? I think so and we have some spiritual communications that suggest this.  Now, note that this is a very simplistic explanation not supported by our current scientific understanding. I understand this, but have made a conscious choice not to limit myself to what can be proved in my lifetime. Besides, all the ideas I have developed here are in agreement with what we know to be scientifically true as well as common descriptions of facts and experiences accumulated over the centuries by many if not all civilizations. If you believe this is not correct, please feel free to share your comments with me. I say this not to protect the ideas I present, but to continue to encourage a curious and open minded exploration of greater truth and enlightenment. But let’s continue our discussions…

The scientific method utilizes hypothesis testing as one of its main tools to make scientific progress. This method is quite simple: an experiment is typically designed with the intent to reject a test hypothesis. When hypotheses cannot be rejected my multiple experiments performed by several scientists in multiple different places (maybe even different fields) and over a fair amount of time, it is somewhat elevated to a “theory” status and later on to a “law” status. But experiments do not confirm whether a test hypothesis is true or not; they simply indicates if the hypothesis can be rejected or not. So, in a way, much of our scientific progress depend on formulating explanations for our observations, proving them wrong and then changing them over and over until we can’t disprove them anymore. That’s what we call “truth”, scientifically speaking. What we consider to be “right” is simply what we could not prove to be “wrong”. So, why can’t we do the same with spirituality? Every effect has a cause. This is a basic rule of every science. Now, when have we determined that all effects must have a physical cause? Ruling out all non-physical effects as supernatural and explaining them as a delusion or hoax simply can’t constitute good reasoning. Phenomena such as psychokinesis, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance or spirit communication, can and should be studied and understood the same way we do with psychology, philosophy and political sciences. They simply require alternative methodologies. What is the problem with this? The fact that we do not fully understand such phenomena at the present moment doesn’t mean they are delusional or inexistent.

I have made the choice to develop my own spiritual beliefs according to pragmatic principles. I do not take anything for granted and challenge every idea rationally, scientifically, empirically and historically. I have deep respect for every religion, but do not consider myself as a religious person as I have chosen to remain a free thinker. Spirituality for me cannot be a religion; it is a journey and not a destination. So, I strive to keep my own limitations in perspective and maintain my mind open, but free not to accept too quickly anything that isn’t rational or that disagrees with the accumulated knowledge pre-established. Spirituality does not need to be a fantasy and should not be relegated to a mystical or even irrelevant status because sooner or later we all know for fact that every single one of us is going to die. It’s probably the most certain thing in life! I am going to die and you will die as well. So, I don’t know about you, but I want to try to understand what it truly means a bit better – just as a good scientist would behave towards any other topic of study.

Skeptics to spiritual phenomena often ignore or deny the effect as to suppress the fact that a cause exists. It’s easier to pick a fraud and say the phenomena has been debunked, than to risk concluding we have missed a good deal of the universe in the big picture! But we must also ask ourselves if these debunked frauds are the rule or the exception. Can we confidently dismiss a large collection of the phenomena considered supernatural? Can we dismiss all accounts that, to the most part, have been described very similarly by different people from different cultures and for several centuries? Can we rationally dismiss all the non-physical phenomena that, sometimes and under special circumstances, can actually be perceived by our five basic senses? Can we simply rule out all of them? We just need to be honest with our own reasoning to arrive at the answer.

I believe that reducing our paradigms to what we know and can explain limits our ability of expression in the world. It curbs our connection with ourselves and with nature. The universe behaves the way it does regardless of whether we can explain it.  Gravity, for example, has always behaved the same way it does now. It does not depend on our ability to understand its cause and mechanisms. The same can be said for all other natural phenomena, including those we call supernatural due to our inability to comprehend them. Electromagnetism, thermodynamics, metaphysics, spiritual phenomena; all of those events have natural causes independent from our comprehension or acceptance. For a long time we could not see infrared radiation, but it has always been there. We also do not fully understand the mysteries behind intuition, but who have never experienced it? When we deny non-physical effects simply because we cannot experience them with our five basic senses, we are rebelling against nature and set ourselves apart from it. It is not a matter of faith, but of open mindedness. In my opinion, we must strive to honestly and rationally advance our understanding of ourselves and the universe around us from the stand point that we are also part of this nature, this universe. The excess is not on what we accept rationally, but on what we reject without questioning.

Accepting that our physical condition limits our ability to perceive our environment and that, for this very same reason, some consider certain phenomena as supernatural broaden our perspective of life. Suddenly, there is no need for miracles. No need for bending natural laws that govern the universe. The entire cosmos is perfect and we are in harmony with this perfection. Instead of imposing, out of pride and arrogance, what is “real” and what is “delusional”, we must accept nature for what it is. There is a reason why those who have realized their spiritual nature say they have passed through an awakening experience. They perceive the world beyond their five basic senses (or should we say in multiple quantum states?) and dare to be more than very intelligent animals endowed with organic life. They are not in conflict with the world as it is. If you are not awake about your true spiritual nature and harmonious connection with the universe yet, then the question is… for how long will you conscientiously rest asleep? Arriving at a place where we are genuinely honest and curious about ourselves and our universe is the first step for any further spiritual exploration. If you have got that you have understood our spiritual nature or are close to doing so. If you have got that, you are ready for the next point!

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