A Point Of Nuclear Physics About The Shroud Of Turin

A study published in 1995 lead us to believe that the marks left on the Shroud of Turin, which researchs have carbon dated to be about 2000 years old, suggests something quite impressive: “that [the marks in the shroud] might originate in the spontaneous disintegration of the deuterium nuclei contained in the body of the man in it”.

Then, perhaps realizing that the honest and unbiased scientific observation might counter a positivistic logic and “common sense”, the article’s author states: “Though the first part of this hypothesis is interesting, one cannot but disagree with the disintegration, since deuterium is among the most stable nuclei in universe.( but the half-life of the bare neutron is 12,5 minutes!). Thus we must resort to another origin. The first one at hand is a phenomenon of nuclear fusion”. In other words, assuming human beings cannot disintegrate themselves spontaneously, turning their bodies into energy, something else quite significant happened to the body under the shroud… But if 2000 years ago we were far from mastering technology of nuclear fusion, what could have happened?

Share your ideas and any new facts your have learned to shed light on this mistery!

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